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Frequently Asked Questions
Included here in our Frequently Asked Questions are the most common questions that we are asked on a daily basis. If your question is not covered here please feel free to email us at orders@999licenseplatesearch.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I thought this kind of information was illegal, how can you provide it?

A: While this information is illegal in some states, we do not offer searches in those states. For the states that we do offer the information is protected under the DPPA. The DPPA is the Driver's Privacy Protection Act. Before the DPPA anyone could walk into the DMV with your license plate number and walk away with your name and address. The DPPA now restricts who can access this information, but allows several exemptions. These exemptions include: requesting your own record, government agency use, any court proceeding, research and surveys and use for the normal course of business by a legitimate business. Our web site falls under the normal course of business exemption. This allows us to get you the information that you need that you would never be able to get yourself.

Q: Is this a scam?

A: No, as explained above, we have a right to provide this information as part of our normal course of business.

Q: How do I know my credit card information is secure?

A: We understand how important it is to keep your credit card information safe with today's threat of identity theft. That is why we use PayPal to complete all of our transactions. PayPal is the Global Leader in sending and receiving money online, and they have an impeccable record of service. All of your credit card information is transmitted to PayPal only, we do not have access to your credit card numbers. As an additional safeguard, PayPal offers a Buyer Protection Program. This means that if you purchase a service and did not receive your order, PayPal will refund you your money.

Q: Why does your service say it takes up to 24 hours?

A: Depending on site traffic, we may have a significant amount of orders, and it may take a little time to get to yours. Most of the time it takes much less than 24 hours. The reason that we allow 24 hours is mostly for orders that may be placed outside of business hours. Rarely issues with the database will cause us to have a delay in processing orders. Circumstances outside our control like this may cause us to pass the 24-hour mark, if you contact us before your order has been processed we will be glad to refund your purchase. After your order has been processed and results have been sent to you, we do not offer refunds.

Q: What if it has been 24 hours and I haven't received my results?

A: Most likely the email has been filtered to your Spam folder. Hotmail and Yahoo accounts are particularly notorious for this. Please check your spam folder or add orders@999licenseplatesearch.com to your address book to make sure it gets to your Inbox. If you still have an issue, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Q: What if you can't find my plate number?

A: This can happen, because Texas does not update the database instantly, some vehicles that have been purchased very recently may not show up in the results yet. As part of the DPPA, most government use plates will not be available for search. If we can't locate your plate number, we can try to perform a search using the VIN Number. If you do not have access to the VIN we will refund your money.

Q: How long does it take for my money to be refunded?

A: As soon as we hear back from you to make sure that you didn't mistype the plate number or you want to try a VIN Number search, your money will be refunded immediately. PayPal will send you an email confirming that your money has been refunded to your card or bank account. We do not provide refunds after the results have already been sent. If the email was blocked or sent to spam we will gladly resend it. We are not responsible for email issues on your end.

Q: Why don't you offer searches for my state?

  A: We have removed other states from the order options because they are providing inconsistent updates to the database we use. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to locate the results, so until we find a solution for more current data, we are limiting the searches to Texas only. 

Here is a diagram to help you find the VIN on a vehicle.